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Started on the 23rd March 2015.

Finished for the start of the season 2016.

Harold De Souza      

Our Extended Pavilion and Terrace being officially opened on Wednesday the 13th April 2016.

The ribbon was cut by Mr. Harold DeSouza, Chairman and Trustee of The House Project, and his wife Joy.

The House Project is a Seahaven district charity which contributes to local community organisations.

They have made several generous contributions to our club over the past years.

Harold and Joy spent many years in middle Africa involved in improving the eye health of thousands of children and adults.

He was a qualified pilot as well as a university lecturer based in Kenya.

In his "spare" time he recruited volunteer doctors who he flew to remote corners

of the country to minister to those in most need. Joy assisted his efforts as a travelling nurse.

Harold had only the previous day emerged from hospital following a knee replacement.

We were honoured to accept his offer to perform the opening gesture.


Complete with credits and title.  

The Terrace.

Extended Pavilion and Terrace.


Detailed progress pictures follow:

Starting March 2015

        no bones                       men at work + 1 

                   Its a hole. There's no bones about it.           Let's get this straight. Is it where it
No Piltdowners here!
Thank the Lord.                       should be or not? 

    dugandcemented                 after3days 

                        Holes dug and concrete laid.               End of the third day, foundations almost complete.

           brickpiers1                        pavpiers2

 A sad picture of our lovely pavilion with the end removed and ready for the
steelmen to add their support.
 The next few days will be critical as we proceed to lay the concrete oversite.
 Our thoughts go with our Chairman Ted Giles as paper designs are turned into our dream pavilion.
May all his problems be little ones as they used to say!

pav1.17.11.15     pax1.20.11.15
  Steel goalposts fixed and floor joists well advanced. Ceiling cross members laid and temp flooring fitted. 

  endview20.11.15      interior1115    
    End on view as at 21st November 2015.        Inside dartboard available for Thursday's
                                                    battles and the AGM on Monday 23rd November.

4th December 2015
Shining in the morning sun. Roof complete, waiting for the windows and doors.

inside working 216       outside 216
19th February 2016.
Eric hard at work with cladding. Outside, building complete. Just needs an entrance.

  terrace1316       terrace2316
31st March 2016
Work on the north terrace well under way. Let's hope the sun continues to shine on us.

8th April 2016. Nearly there.

The terrace works have been financed by a loan from Bowls England.




As at January 2018 we now have a full unisex disabled toilet facility.

We also have two motorised wheelchairs and two bowling arms which will enable many to enjoy bowling who

would otherwise be prevented by physical restrictions.

Access for wheelchairs to our pavilion is being designed and will be completed when funds are available.

This will then make our club truly available to all who wish to take part in the sport of Bowls.

And when Lawn Bowls becomes an Olympic sport perhaps we will be able to persuade ALL age groups

to take part. It will be a HUGE opportunity to become an OLYMPIC star.



Peacehaven and Telscombe Bowls Club.


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